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Why Tinting Your Home’s Windows Is Environmentally Conscious

Windows play an extremely important role in your house’s ability to stay comfortably warm or cool.  Windows that no longer have proper insulation, or that do not have tinting, can cause a loss of energy which drains your wallet and harms the environment. Heat loss through windows, or cold leaking in, play a part in [...]

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Why You Should Tint The Windows In Your Home Office

Gone are the days when tinted home office windows were seen as a luxury - just something to ensure privacy in offices and make the building look sleeker. Now, it’s becoming more apparent that a tinted window is less luxury and more of a necessity for residential and commercial buildings. Together with the traditional benefits [...]

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Staying Energy Efficient During the Winter

Keeping Spirits Up and Bills Low Winter is a special time for most households; the holiday season, school breaks, and family reunions all combine to make this usually dismal season something to be enjoyed, instead of simply to be endured. All the fun societal celebrations can’t take away from the fact that for many, however, [...]

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Saving Your Artwork with Tinted Windows

Vampire Art It’s a Gothic truth known far and wide: vampires hate sunlight. Of course, no one knows exactly why this is — perhaps their anemic complexion makes them prone to terrible, immediate sunburns. Or perhaps they are allergic specifically to UV rays. Maybe they are actually afraid of any source of fire larger than [...]

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What to Expect From your Home Window Film Installation

Depending on the type of home window tinting you choose, you may experience a variety of results. You can apply home window tinting yourself, but it may require time and tools you don’t have. Residential window tinting can be a big job, and it may be best to leave it to the Simply Cool professionals. [...]

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Health Effects of UV Radiation – The Good and the Bad

Utah glass tinting isn’t just about having a certain aesthetic or blocking excessive heat from entering your windows. We love glass tinting on a car, office building, and even a home. But do you know some of the nitty-gritty details of UV radiation? Our Utah glass tinting service does more than you may know. Are [...]

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Unconventional Benefits of Window Tinting

For those who value their privacy, the benefits of residential window tinting are probably known to them. Not only will certain types of window film darken the window, making it difficult for those looking in to see anything, but some will even offer complete blackout conditions. Of course, this does more than just obstruct the [...]

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