Understanding How Auto Window Tinting Works

The benefits of car window tinting are numerous. Drivers with tinted windows enjoy added security for belongings lying around in the car, UV protection, reduced shattering of glass, and protection against fading and cracking for fabric and leather seats. If you’re considering having your car’s windows tinted—as you should, of course—here is what you need [...]

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Why Tinting Your Home’s Windows Is Environmentally Conscious

Windows play an extremely important role in your house’s ability to stay comfortably warm or cool.  Windows that no longer have proper insulation, or that do not have tinting, can cause a loss of energy which drains your wallet and harms the environment. Heat loss through windows, or cold leaking in, play a part in [...]

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Health Effects of UV Radiation – The Good and the Bad

Utah glass tinting isn’t just about having a certain aesthetic or blocking excessive heat from entering your windows. We love glass tinting on a car, office building, and even a home. But do you know some of the nitty-gritty details of UV radiation? Our Utah glass tinting service does more than you may know. Are [...]

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Best Ways to Clean Windows

Washing windows, while a seemingly menial task, is actually a bit of an artform. If you’ve ever tried to consistently wash windows, then you know what avoiding streaks and smears and getting a window to actually look like a shiny piece of glass is easier said than done. However, if you follow some simple steps, you can clean your windows a lot more effectively. Here are some tips for cleaning your windows...

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How Window Tinting Improves Your Car’s Value

Window tinting on a vehicle comes with many benefits. However, not many people think about the economic side of tinting the windows on their car. An effectively applied window tint can make a vehicle retain its value, cost less to drive, and overall be more convenient. On top of all of that, it creates a more stylistic flair for you to drive around in. Here are some of the ways that window tinting can improve your vehicle’s value...

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3 Unexpected Ways to Use Window Tinting

You already know the benefits of getting the windows and your car tinted. You know that it prevents excess harmful UVs, helps save energy(which in turn saves your wallet), keeps your furniture from fading, and minimizes damage in the case of a window being damaged or broken. We’ve talked about these benefits, and even if [...]

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Energy Saving Tips for Your Home in Winter

According to the Energy Information Administration, energy costs are expected to increase for homeowners during the winter season, due to home heating fuel costs. In addition, when the days are shorter, homeowners tend to use more electricity to light their home. Add all of that on top of the lighting that homeowners use to decorate the exterior of their home during the holiday season, and the winter months are bound to come with energy bills that will raise more than a few eyebrows. For this reason, it’s important to look for ways that you can save energy in your home this winter...

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