Staying Energy Efficient During the Winter

Keeping Spirits Up and Bills Low Winter is a special time for most households; the holiday season, school breaks, and family reunions all combine to make this usually dismal season something to be enjoyed, instead of simply to be endured. All the fun societal celebrations can’t take away from the fact that for many, however, [...]

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Saving Your Artwork with Tinted Windows

Vampire Art It’s a Gothic truth known far and wide: vampires hate sunlight. Of course, no one knows exactly why this is — perhaps their anemic complexion makes them prone to terrible, immediate sunburns. Or perhaps they are allergic specifically to UV rays. Maybe they are actually afraid of any source of fire larger than [...]

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Unconventional Benefits of Window Tinting

For those who value their privacy, the benefits of residential window tinting are probably known to them. Not only will certain types of window film darken the window, making it difficult for those looking in to see anything, but some will even offer complete blackout conditions. Of course, this does more than just obstruct the [...]

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Made in the Shade

There are numerous reasons to spring for some window-tinting film. Not only do the windows give you privacy from your neighbors and look aesthetically pleasing, but they also dramatically reduce the temperature in your home or car from windows that face the sun. An excess of heat causes a drain on money and energy to [...]

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Sometimes It Pays to Be Less Transparent

There are many benefits of commercial, residential, and auto window tint.  From decorative to uniform, the window film specialists of Simply Cool promise to deliver an affordable product that is sure to preserve the interior of your dwelling or structure, as well as promote and stabilize comfortable temperatures, all the while lowering your utility bill.  [...]

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