At Simply Cool, we offer the ultimate protection for glass, mirrors, and metal with Graffiti Sheild, because we know that first impressions matter.

How Does a Graffiti Shield Work?

When it comes to the surfaces around retail stores, commercial buildings, and malls, fighting to keep them clear can be a giant hurdle. Applying a Glass Shield or anti-graffiti film is a cost-effective way to keep surfaces safe, clean, and protected against further damages such as:

  • Scratching
  • Spray paint
  • Etching
  • General age wear
  • Acid etching
graffiti shield

Who Can Benefit?

We’ve all seen unsightly damage to mirror and metal surfaces in our lives. Whether in a mall bathroom or commercial elevator, scratches and tagging create an unkempt look that often presents a business or establishment in the wrong light. Completely replacing mirrors, glass, or metal once they’ve been damaged isn’t an effective solution. However, a professionally applied film shield can be a cost-effective way to cover existing damage while protecting the surface from further damage. As the film applied is undetectable to the public and strongly adhered, the risk of unwanted removal is lowered drastically.

  • Cover previous damage
  • Create a new surface
  • Update an aesthetic

Perfect for All Materials


Have the metals in your office, franchise, or commercial space seen better days? Buffing out wear and tear may be an option, but ridding metal material of major tagging damage isn’t always an option. Creating a shield barrier around metals will not only protect the material from future damage but mask the appearance of previous damage. Metals look as good as new and stay that way.


Let glass and windows do their work to let light in without risking carving, scratching, or general damage to its appearance. Get a “good as new” look to windows without the cost of a complete replacement. Simply Cool can apply a clear film to glass that is indistinguishable to the eye. If a scratch or graffiti were ever to occur, a Simply Cool technician can replace the film in no time.


The mirrors in your business are a reflection of yourself. Having trouble keeping them clear of graffiti or scratches? You’re not alone. Mirrors are easily scratched, from general age, wear and tear to purposeful tagging. A film overlay can be placed on the mirrors of commercial and public spaces to protect surfaces from further damage. Replacing mirrors is an expensive endeavor, but thankfully, protection film also gives mirrors a new look.

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Get serious protection from graffiti and tagging day and night. From thin to thick shields, there’s a Simply Cool answer to ruined surfaces. Whether we’re applying a shield to metal, glass, or mirrors, we can make sure the appearance of surfaces stays clean and clear. The team at Simply Cool is ready to help you find the right shield solutions for your residence or commercial business. No matter the problem, SImply Cool has the answer. Call us today to get started.