Keep Your Family Toasty This Winter with Residential Window Tinting

We have all been in a situation where it is freezing outside and we can't seem to make the inside of our house warm. If the sun is shining, we open the curtains or close them as soon as a snowstorm occurs, thinking that will help trap heat inside. But what actually works? One way [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Window Tinting for Homes

Window tinting isn't just for cars anymore. In fact, more and more homeowners are beginning to realize the many benefits of residential window tinting. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, residential window tinting can actually provide a number of practical benefits for your home. Reasons for Window Tinting and Its Benefits If you live in Utah, [...]

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Why You Should Tint The Windows In Your Home Office

Gone are the days when tinted home office windows were seen as a luxury - just something to ensure privacy in offices and make the building look sleeker. Now, it’s becoming more apparent that a tinted window is less luxury and more of a necessity for residential and commercial buildings. Together with the traditional benefits [...]

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What to Expect From your Home Window Film Installation

Depending on the type of home window tinting you choose, you may experience a variety of results. You can apply home window tinting yourself, but it may require time and tools you don’t have. Residential window tinting can be a big job, and it may be best to leave it to the Simply Cool professionals. [...]

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Unconventional Benefits of Window Tinting

For those who value their privacy, the benefits of residential window tinting are probably known to them. Not only will certain types of window film darken the window, making it difficult for those looking in to see anything, but some will even offer complete blackout conditions. Of course, this does more than just obstruct the [...]

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