Why Tint with Simply Cool

With over 20 years of experience serving Salt Lake City, Park City, and customers all over the great state of Utah, we’re ready to help you achieve perfect window tinting every time. As our company continues to grow, we continue to offer the finest quality films and tints, as well as unbeatable customer service. Have questions about our process or need to make an appointment? Contact us today!



Cut out the glare, not the view

Protect your family from harmful UV rays and lower your monthly energy costs. Learn more about how our residential window tinting can help you.

Residential window tinting can help keep your energy costs lower, keep your furniture from fading, and add security to every window of your home. Feel safe and comfortable without compromising your view or natural light!


Drive in comfort and style.

Keep your car cool… figuratively and literally. Auto tinting for your car’s windows can do more than make you car look cool! Learn more about what tinting can do for you.

Reduce solar heat and glare, while adding important protection with vehicle window tinting. Ready to enhance the look of your vehicle, reduce visibility from the outside, and add shatterproof protection?


A worthy investment for your company.

Keep employees and assets safe from harm with commercial window tinting. Our retail tinting for your company can help elevate your business’s appearance.

We don’t often think about the negative effects that glare and harmful UV rays can have on our workday. Why not deflect the heat of the sun’s rays, and increase the insulation of building windows? Cut down on unwanted glare, help moderate office temperatures, and add an aesthetically pleasing design to lackluster glass with the perfect window tint.

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