At Simply Cool, we have two decades of experience in providing Utah with superior window tinting services. We are proud to use the highest quality films and tints, as well as venerated customer care. Do you want your car’s windows black or need a picture window tinted at home? Whatever the request may be – big or small – our commitment to client happiness remains unaltered! Keep scrolling to check our list of services.

Residential Window Tinting

Not only can window tinting transform the appearance of your property, but it can also maximize savings on energy consumption and elevate comfort. With a single application, you will increase privacy and security while reducing glare to keep furniture from fading. All that without compromising or obstructing your view of the outdoors!

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial and office buildings can significantly benefit from tinting and shading, making them an excellent investment. Not only will your building look great aesthetically speaking, but the advantages of this technology are many: increased energy efficiency, comfortable temperatures maintained throughout the year, greater security measures in place to protect those inside the building while they work or conduct business transactions; all while shielding occupants from harmful UV rays. All around – a win!

Decorative Window Tinting

Transform your windows with Creative Solutions. From Simply Cool’s versatile selection of decorative window films, you can pick a look that suits every space in your home – from frosted glass to textured etchings! Whether it’s for aesthetic purposes or enhanced privacy, we guarantee you’ll be able to find something perfect for each and every window.

Graffiti Protection

Anti-Graffiti Shield is a patented window tinting technology. This innovative film works to protect glass surfaces from graffiti and other forms of damage. Designed as an invisible shield, the film helps repel etching, scratching, and tagging while still allowing light to pass through. It also helps reduce unwanted solar heat gain and glare, keeping your home or business comfortable year-round.

Automotive Tinting

Vehicle window tinting remains incredibly popular for a variety of reasons. Not only does it minimize the heat and glare from streaming into an untreated window, but it also provides extra privacy and security for you and your possessions. Furthermore, with added comfort from the heat, protection from harmful UV-A & UV-B rays, decreased glare, enhanced appearance as well as prevention of fading to interior fabric or leather – why wouldn’t you want this? Tinting truly is an invaluable feature that adds substantial value to any vehicle!

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Jessica Wolfe
Jessica Wolfe
They do a really great job every time I go!!! Different vehicles and I haven't had to had repairs
Max S.
Max S.
Reasonable price and fast high quality service. Great communication. Oh, and their dog is super cute and friendly.
Matt Felt
Matt Felt
Incredible service, made my 2020 4Runner look absolutely incredible! Grade service, awesome owner and at a prrces you can afford.
flona taliulu
flona taliulu
This was one of the best places I've been to they are absolutely amazing and so polite and made me feel at home I'd give them 100 stars if I could!!!
Libby Rodriguez
Libby Rodriguez
I needed the tint removed from my car because it was bubbling up. Simply Cool made it so easy. I texted them to find out pricing, ask my questions and made an appointment. He sent me updates about my car during the appointment and did a fabulous job. Also the price was lower than I expected. I would highly recommend this place for tint work.
Daniel Vergara
Daniel Vergara
This is the third time I get my windows tinted here. They are amazing and excellent customer service. Also they have a cute dog: here is a picture

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