If you’ve always thought car window tinting just isn’t the look for you, we suggest you think again! It’s more than just a statement for your vehicle.

At Simply Cool, we provide auto window tinting, home window tinting and privacy window film services to Salt Lake and Park City, Utah as well as in Montana. Our products don’t just block out light; they provide protection.

Window Tinting Materials

Our selection of window tinting materials varies to provide you with the best option for your project. Whether you’re looking for car window tinting or something for your home, we have a vast selection.

Car Window Tinting 

When you see a car with tinted windows, you may just think it’s all about making a statement. We believe our products do more than just change the look of your car. Car window tinting can reduce the transfer of heat into or out of your car, and can protect you and your occupants from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. With that extra layer of protection against the sun, you’re also increasing the lifespan of your car’s interior. Car window tinting also offers more privacy for you and your belongings when inside your vehicle; it’s harder for others to see into your car when you have a sleek, dark tint.

Common car window tinting materials include the following:

  • Dyed tint – This type of car window film provides the darkest window tint by including a layer of dye between the sticky layer of your tint and the outer coating. 
  • Metalized tint – This window tint is composed of small metallic pieces that create the film, which is positioned between the adhesive layer and the outer coating of the tint.
  • Hybrid tint – As the name suggests, this type of car window tint is a mixture of dyed and metalized films. Hybrid tint uses a dyed and metalized middle layer sandwiched between the adhesive and the protective outer coating.
  • Carbon tint – This car window tinting film provides a matte (as opposed to shiny) finish to your window film using carbon and plastic.
  • Ceramic tint – Ceramic tint is known as the highest quality film and the one with the biggest price tag. Ceramic particles are used in the film to reflect light, heat and UV rays away from your windows.

Depending on where you live, we can help you pick just the right car window tint. Factors to consider are laws regarding levels of tinting, climate, and the desired look you’re going for. With all those things in mind, we can be sure to apply the tint that gives you the best outcome.

Home Window Tinting

Much like car window tinting, home window tinting is more than just for looks. It can offer beauty, privacy, efficiency and even an extra layer of protection against attempted home invasion. We not only offer decorative home window tinting materials and privacy window film but window films designed for increasing security.

Most window tinting can increase the efficiency of your windows by controlling the transfer of heat. This will help regulate your heating and cooling costs, and residential window film can also protect your belongings from sun damage

Decorative Home Window Tinting

Inside or out, decorative window tints can complement your home’s aesthetic. Exterior windows can benefit from a decorative film with a frost, tint, texture or pattern. This not only changes the look of your home but provides privacy for windows that need it, such as near the front door or in a bathroom. Interior windows, such as those to a home office or glass door to the pantry, can get a whole new look with a unique window film. The design possibilities are practically endless.

Privacy Window Film

We don’t limit our decorative or privacy window films to rooms such as the bathroom; we think these are a great option for any space you would like to screen from public view. Adding privacy film to ground floor windows can offer peace-of-mind. If you have bedrooms on the ground floor, you can enjoy opening the blinds and letting sunlight filter through without sacrificing privacy. Our privacy windows are also a great choice for indoor pools surrounded by windows, or a home gym.

Security Window Films 

Security film from Simply Cool can reinforce the strength of your existing windows, making them harder to break. If an attempt is made to shatter a window in your home, the resulting sound will be much louder than a window without security film.

Window Tinting Installation

Our technicians have over twenty years of experience installing car and home window tinting film. We’ll apply the film of your choice to the interior of your windows and, after about a week, you can clean your windows as usual with no problem. With proper installation and care, your car and home window film treatments could last anywhere from 5 – 10 years. If you have any questions about what types of film we offer and what we recommend for your project, don’t hesitate to give us a call.