It’s Your Home. Enjoy the View!

Tinting and shading aren’t just for your vehicle—it’s also great for your home. Window tinting can be used aesthetically, to change the look of your property, but it also provides much more. Window films can provide:

  • Significant energy savings
  • Increase privacy & security
  • Add comfort
  • Reduce glare
  • Prevent fading in furniture

It adds do much without compromising or obstructing your view to everything outside.

Solar Control

A naturally bright living space can do wonders to brighten our spirits as much as our rooms, but it can also cause damage to our furniture as we run up our energy bills without us even noticing. Using high-quality film on our windows can immediately improve the energy efficiency of our homes. It can also protect interior finishes and furnishings from fading and other damaging effects of sun exposure. Get control over your domain while cutting down on 99% of UV-A & UV-B rays.

  • Keep Cool. Keeping cool in the summer shouldn’t require you to blast your air conditioning day and night. Energy efficiency is often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about film installation. With minimal effort on your part, you can change the way your home keeps out and traps in heat throughout the year, keeping your wallet happy and your indoor temperatures comfortable.
  • Furniture & Paint Longevity. Over time, direct sunlight can cause discoloration in furniture fabric, wood fixtures, photos, and even paint. Looking to increase the longevity of your furniture and indoor paint? A simple film is an inexpensive way to keep out unwanted, harsh and damaging sunlight. Keep your valuable and delicate belongings safe, secure, and free from damage that you can’t often spot until it’s too late.


Our inventory of decorative window films provides a variety of options to complement the interior of your home. Using varying colors, textures, tints, shades and reflections can inexpensively change the look and mood of your interior. Enhance the appearance of your home with minimal effort. 

  • Frost & Texture. Looking to bring a new and heightened aesthetic to your window fixtures? Think frosting and texture. With hundreds of frost and textured variants, we’ll help you find the perfect film for your residence.
  • Additional Privacy. Of course, adding frost or texture to your home’s windows can work for both form and function. Need extra privacy in a bathroom or bedroom? Adding even an untextured frost film can give you peace of mind that family and visitor’s to your home are receiving the utmost privacy.

Safety & Security

Our specialized security films provide enhanced home security and safety for you and your family. The SImply Cool options allow you and your family to enjoy the view, without allowing others to see inside. Films are also available to prevent injury or entry in the event of broken glass.

Preventing Break-ins

We can never underestimate the importance of natural light and ample windows throughout a home. Windows and natural light may not be something a homeowner can live without, but more windows shouldn’t mean a higher risk of a break-in. For those homeowners looking to enhance security measures throughout their home, we recommend the installation of security film too—at least—all ground-level windows. 

Of course, a perfectly installed film can work to keep harmful UV-rays outside of your home and keep your belongings safe from damaging sun exposure, but it can have the added benefit of keeping you safe. Security film makes your glass windows increasingly difficult to breach. The added film takes far more force to break through and, in turn, is far louder than easily broken glass. This means you and your loved ones have more time to react, readily getting to safety, or calling the necessary authorities.

  • Shattered Glass. Although you may not think of shattered glass as truly life-threatening, shards of glass can prove dangerous, and in some cases, deadly. Add safety and security to your residence by taking action to make your glass entirely shatterproof.
  • Reducing Negative Visibility. Natural light is an absolute benefit to having a fair amount of windows, but it can also be a drawback at night. With untinted glass, potential intruders can see clearly into your living space, assessing your home for easy points for entry and valuables. The addition of a film can reduce unwanted views into your home without compromising natural light flowing in through your windows and your visibility outward.

Why Simply Cool?

With more than two decades of experience in window film application, Simply Cool is a name you can trust with any solar control, security, or decorative film job. Call us to find out how you can improve efficiency, comfort, and security, or give your home a new look with decorative film. Simply Cool in Salt Lake City, Utah, but we proudly provide our services throughout Salt Lake and Utah County. If you’re in need of high-quality products and our excellent customer service, give us a call today. We can answer any questions you might have about products and applications, or we can set up an appointment for our services.