While it is largely true that value rests in the eye of the beholder, and one person might pay more for a home with shutters and a porch than another, some additions to one’s home are more than just ornamental for the sake of it. Some features consistently merit a larger asking price, and subsequently earn more for the homeowners who oversaw their installation. Recent studies have identified which of these surefire features are most in demand. They include:

  • Laundry room
  • A deck/patio
  • Extra storage
  • Ceiling fans
  • A large pantry
  • Energy-efficient windows

It is this last item on the list that excites us here at Simply Cool. Thanks to our residential window tinting initiatives, we are helping homeowners all over Utah achieve their goal of having windows that will help them conserve energy and keep the house cool. That said, home window tinting isn’t the sole end of our business — not when there are so many wonderful ways to add value to the home.

Decorative Window Films

We certainly appreciate the ideology of performing a task better than anyone else, with a product that is superior. After all, it is what we have based our entire business around; the fact that we are Utah’s final word in window tinting for the home and office. However, we have explored the function and aesthetics of our superior products in order to bring our customers more of what they want: a chance to personalize their space without sacrificing the benefits of our tried and true window films. 

These decorative products represent a major step forward for the window tinting industry. Not only are we able to enhance the value of a home or workplace, but can add beauty as well. We have been hard at work at Simply Cool ensuring that our clients are free to choose whatever residential window films they want with complete confidence that they won’t see a dip in performance.

Style and Substance

The best part of decorative home window tinting is all the options available to our clients. From designs that provide complete translucency to semi-transparency, these films bring numerous benefits to every room in which they’re found. These include:

  • Privacy: First and foremost, the privacy afforded to our clients is second to none. Not only is it difficult to look through a tinted window into the room beyond, but we also offer one-way mirror films that provide a complete view for those inside without worrying at all about what the person on the other side of the glass can see.
  • Outdoor and Indoor Customization: It’s true that most people consider residential window tinting to be something that is necessary only on the outside of the home in order to shield the indoors from the sun. But for many who enjoy glass pocket doors or window transoms, decorative window films can be a great way to not only provide a bit of flair inside, but also some protection against inadvertently walking into a window.
  • Numerous Styles: Some people want something crazy and unique, others want a more traditional look. Our films can cater to both desires by mimicking the look of smoked, etched, or stained glass, among others.

As homeowners, we all wish to add value to our property but may not want the things we do to be strictly ornamental. At Simply Cool, we believe that your window tinting can look good and perform an essential function. If you are interested in getting a quote from us about installing decorative window films, simply give us a call and we can get you set up in no time at all.