The Benefits of Glass Tinting

Everyone is familiar with cars that have tinted windows; a vehicle pulls up to the line and the drivers next to it either can’t see into the cab or they see only dark shapes. Meanwhile, the people in the car not only enjoy a sense of privacy but also are shielded from the sun or the reflected glare off of snow, puddles, or the windows of other vehicles. Window tinting has quickly become one of the most popular ways to customize a car or a home, and for good reason. There are numerous benefits to investing in darkened windows, including:

  • Minimizing the effects of ultraviolet rays: UV rays are one of the unfortunate, harmful side effects of our life-giving sun. Not only can UV rays cause sunburns and premature aging in the skin, but prolonged exposure can lead to skin cancer, eye problems like cataracts and pterygium, and a weakened immune system. Glass tinting in Utah can be particularly effective in minimizing the UV exposure from our desert sun. Simply Cool’s glass tinting currently repels 99% of all UV rays.
  • Helping to save HVAC energy: Glass tinting doesn’t just save your skin but it can also save you money by conserving energy. As more light and heat get into the home or car through the windows, more energy is spent running the A/C unit. Not only is going green by conserving energy good for the environment, but the government also offers a few rebates for people who invest in renewable energy sources.  
  • Preserving a sense of privacy: The benefits of anonymity can’t be overstated, especially for those who have lost it. Darker windows ensure privacy and safety from prying eyes.
  • Strengthening the windows: By adding a glass tinting film to your windows, you are effectively hardening them as well. Many of these films will be able to mitigate impacts to the glass that would otherwise shatter the window and cause harm. Instead, cracks might appear but the glass itself will remain intact.

The benefits of glass tinting as numerous, both in terms of saving money and saving energy, and Simply Cool loves helping customers get the most out of their investment. However, for those who haven’t tinted their windows before, either in their home or their cars, there are a few dos and don’ts that should be observed if you want to remain satisfied with your decision even years after getting your windows done.

Simply Cool’s Dos and Don’ts

Darkening your windows is a deceptively complex venture. Numerous people, before attempting to invest, believe that glass tinting is no more difficult than putting a screen protector on a cell phone; spray some cleaner on the glass, carefully line up the film, squeegee away the bubbles, and let it set. At its core, the process isn’t dissimilar, though doing a professional-grade job is far more involved. This dovetails directly into our dos and don’ts.

Do: Find A Professional to Install the Glass Tint

Don’t: Do It Yourself

There are many reasons why you should rely on a professional firm like Simply Cool to tint your windows. For starters, they have all the equipment needed to do the job right, including the proper knives, heating tools, squeegees, ladders, and even the ability to take the windows out as needed. Secondly, they have the experience—there won’t be any need for a “do-over” with Simply Cool. Finally, people who tend to do glass tinting themselves find that the film they applied will buckle and peel before too long, which isn’t the case with a professional team.

Do: Browse all your options

Don’t: Choose too dark of a film for your car

Asking your glass tinting specialist for their recommendation in order to get the effect that you’re seeking is essential. They will help you know which films are the best rated for UV protection and glass protection. They will also have films of various darkness. A common mistake, however, is choosing a film that is too dark for the car. Not only is complete blackness illegal, but it makes looking out the windows at night dangerous when you can’t see anything.

Do: Consult with Simply Cool about which windows have the greatest need of tinting

Don’t: Tint your glass haphazardly

This may seem like a no-brainer, but often people who are excited about tinting will choose to do every window in the house or only the windows in their favorite rooms, or somewhere in between. Consulting with your Simply Cool technician about which windows get the most sunlight, where the hot spots in the house are, or which windows are the most intrusively conspicuous to the outside world is important in doing the job right the first time. 

Glass tinting is an exciting and popular process that has numerous benefits. But too often people only do the job halfway, trusting too much in their own knowledge or skills and discounting the professionalism of dedicated businesses like Simply Cool. Give us a call today for a consultation and experience the speed and expertise of a company that is passionate about glass tinting in Utah.