Over 22 years ago, we began the journey to perfectly tint all automotive and architecture in Salt Lake City. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve become a trusted name in all things window tinting. Our window tinting services are available throughout Utah, and we’ve proudly opened a new office in Missoula, Montana. As the team at Simply Cool grows, we continue to find joy in providing the best service around.


Customer and company satisfaction is always our goal. Throughout our years in business, Simply Cool has become the name realtors, auto technicians, and individuals can trust. Our decades of experience can speak for itself—as can our hundreds of finished projects—but we know that what sets Simply Cool apart from others is our outstanding customer service. 

Window tinting is there for more than just aesthetics. We know that by choosing window films, you’re choosing to increase your energy savings, comfort, and most importantly, next-level protection and safety. That’s why, at Simply Cool, we believe our job consists of more than expertly applying a film to windows. Yes, we can provide you with the highest quality films on the market, but by paying extraordinary attention to detail on every job, we make sure that the value of tinting is always worth your investment.

We love helping people find solutions that work for their homes, transportation, and offices. We enjoy the challenge of applying the perfect film to the various styles of homes throughout Utah. We make sure that anyone who comes to Simply Cool will be completely satisfied with a job well done, that will last for years to come. After all, without you, we wouldn’t be one of the top-rated window tint companies in the state of Utah.

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