Depending on the type of home window tinting you choose, you may experience a variety of results.

You can apply home window tinting yourself, but it may require time and tools you don’t have. Residential window tinting can be a big job, and it may be best to leave it to the Simply Cool professionals.

Types of Home Window Tinting 

Popular types of window film include the following:


Improve your home’s energy efficiency with a solar window tint that helps absorb harmful and warm UV rays. Good application can protect your home furnishing from sun damage, and help regulate the temperature inside. 


In addition to blocking UV rays, privacy films also obscure visibility. This home window tinting is ideal for bathroom windows, doors, or sidelight windows. The translucent design still lets in light while providing privacy to those inside your home.


Decorative window films can be used to provide privacy or a focal point in your home. They’re not designed to block UV rays as effectively as other types of residential window tinting, but they can reduce some heat transfer. 


Like decorative film, security film’s main purpose is not to block UV rays or provide energy-efficient savings for your home. Security film is designed to prevent windows from shattering easily in the event someone tries to break in. 

What to Expect Prior to Installation

Maybe you look around your home and think, “I could totally do this myself! There aren’t many windows, and they’re not that tall…” While it’s certainly true you could probably install window film yourself, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before diving in.

Tools you need to install window film yourself:

  • Low-lint cloth
  • Film trimmer
  • Hard card squeegee
  • Spray bottle (with application solution)
  • Window cleaner
  • Ladder

You’ll also want another pair of hands to help you manipulate the film during the measuring, initial cutting, and installation process. When it comes to prepping the windows, if you’re going to do it yourself, HERE are some tips on our blog. One thing to note is that when prepping windows for film, you need to use a cleaner with the right pH; avoid anything with vinegar or ammonia, and also scrape away any buildup with a razor.

Water, Water Everywhere

Now that your windows are cleaned, you’ve probably realized how much time you will have to devote to installing the window film. You still need to measure each window and cut the film to size, leaving a one-inch border around every piece. Also, did you know you’ll need to keep the windows and your hands wet for the best, fingerprint-free application of your film? If that doesn’t sound fun, it’s probably time to give Simply Cool a call. With over 20 years of experience, they’re practiced at expertly applying film without leaving fingerprints behind.

What You’ll Enjoy After Installation

Whether you’ve braved the task of installing window film yourself or you sat back and watched the pros make it look easy, what can you expect now that it’s done?

Seamless Views

Residential window tinting is applied to the interior of your windows but, unless it’s privacy or decorative film, it will not impact your views. You’ll still have the benefits of those big bay windows without the downsides.

Reduced Glare

You can now leave the shades open without dealing with a glare on your TV or computer screen! Window tinting can reduce the amount of light that bounces around your home, so you’ll have fewer issues with the morning sun coming through those east-facing windows and blinding you first thing.

More Privacy

Obviously, window film designed to increase privacy will give you a sense of security knowing no one can see into your bathroom even if the blinds are open. But did you know that some window films can offer privacy at night without fully obstructing windows? Depending on the type of film you choose, you can reduce how easily people can see into your home at night.

Money in Your Wallet

Last, but not least, you can expect to save money on energy costs after investing in home window tinting. Additionally, you can get more life out of your home’s interior finishes since window film protects them from sun damage. 

If you have questions about the preparation for window film, the installation process, or the after-care, feel free to reach out to Simply Cool today. We have a variety of residential films to choose from so you get the look and results you want.