Is Your Car in Compliance with Tinting Laws?

Getting your car windows tinted is a great idea. It lengthens the life of your upholstery and keeps your car cooler. But is there a limit to how dark they can be? Yes. Each state dictates the maximum amount of tint allowed. Go to to see the tint law for Utah.These limits are in [...]

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How Car Window Tinting Works

The benefits of car window tinting are numerous. Drivers with tinted windows enjoy added security for belongings lying around in the car, UV protection, reduced shattering of glass, and protection against fading and cracking for fabric and leather seats. If you’re considering having your car’s windows tinted—as you should, of course—here is what you need [...]

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Decorative Window Films for Your Business

Most of us love the look of custom stained glass or etched glass windows. They bring in bright vibrant colors and can be a focal point of the interior or exterior decorating. Frosted or privacy glass is a necessity for windows on bathrooms and private offices. Many businesses could greatly benefit from skipping the traditional [...]

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Benefits of Window Films on Commercial Buildings

Window films have made great strides in quality and usefulness in recent years. As these products have become better and better, they have become more and more popular. On commercial properties, the appropriate solar control glass film can reduce energy costs, maintain a more comfortable and productive environment, reduce fading of interior surfaces, lower harmful [...]

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