Many of us have played ball a bit too close to the family living room window, even though Dad warned (or sometimes threatened) us many times not to.  We knew that everything would be fine since we were so careful, until that one missed catch or misdirected kick sent a ball flying past us into the window.  CRACK!

Broken windows are not only expensive to replace, they are one of the main components of the exterior construction of a home.  Whether it be in the form of doors or windows, typical residential buildings have approximately 30% of the exterior walls in glass.  It can be scary, or at least worrisome, to many homeowners to have one third of their walls as weak as glass, knowing that a stray ball can easily open up the home to the elements outside.  

A random ball is not the only concern.  Burglars or other intruders may also see all the weak areas of your home that can easily be eliminated by a rock, hammer, or even their elbow.  Severe weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, or even just high winds can also damage the glass on your home.

Not only can a broken window let the outside in, it can also be quite dangerous.  Shards of glass could come flying inward when the window is struck by an object.  This flying shrapnel could easily slice the skin of anyone in its path.  If you’re lucky enough to not be in the way when it breaks, there is now broken glass all over the floor, couch, etc, waiting for someone to walk by.

There are stronger options such as tempered, or even bullet proof, glass that you can install in your home to reduce this hazard. But an even simpler solution may be a security film on your windows and doors.

Most window security films are made with thick, heavy duty polyester and bonded to the glass with strong adhesives.  This increases the strength of the glass and may stop it from breaking when struck by a stray ball or small tree branch.  This film can be applied professionally, or many companies also sell a DIY kit.  The film is applied to the interior of the windows, and if done correctly, is almost invisible.

When struck, the security film reduces the amount that the glass can bow.  If it does break, the film keeps all the glass intact.  Even when the glass is struck several times with a hammer, crowbar, or baseball bat, it takes a lot of effort to eventually break through.  Many intruders would give up and move to an easier target, instead of beating the window over and over again.

Not only are films great for increased security, they also can increase the energy efficiency of windows.  Picking the right film could reduce sun glare, and keep the house several degrees cooler.  When choosing security films for your home, make sure you consider the strength, quality, and manufacturer in addition to the tint, ability to block the sun, ease of install, and of course, costs.