Keeping the paint on your car looking like new can be difficult, especially when it comes to getting those bugs off the bumper. Then there are the pebbles flying up from the road that make unsightly scratches. Paint protection is the solution to combat the enemies of the beautiful finish on your car.

We’re not talking about dealer paint protection. That is actually paint sealer. They apply a spray that you can buy yourself for a few bucks. What you’re really paying for in that case is the warranty against scratches. You can get real paint protection most anyplace you would get your windows tinted. A thin, clear urethane film is professionally applied to high problem areas. You can choose between areas like the hood, bumpers, door edges and handles, side-view mirrors, and more. You have the option of protecting one area or all of them.

What does paint protection do for my car?

  • Protects from pebbles, salt, and road debris
  • Guards against bug acids that make it hard to clean the hood
  • Reduces paint scratches and chips
  • Keeps paint looking new

How do I wash it?
There is no need to use special cleaning solutions. You can wash and wax your car like usual.

Can I get paint protection on other vehicles?
Paint protection isn’t just for your car; it can be used to protect your RV, motorcycle, boat, trailer, jet ski, ATV, and other sport or performance vehicles.

Does it come with a warranty?
Yes. The warranty is provided by the company that makes the film, not the installation professionals. Specifically 3M and ClearShield offer 5-year warranties and Nano Fusion Film from Avery Dennison offers a lifetime warranty.

How much does it cost?
This will vary depending on what areas you need covered. Prices will go up for larger areas and the difficulty of application for the specific vehicle. On average though you are looking at a range of $500 – $1000+. Our paint protection service starts at $229.

Is there a DIY version?
The 3M company makes a spray-on film that costs much less than a professional application, around $45 for the whole kit. It is called “Paint Defender Spray Film”. Of course, don’t be fooled by the claim that it takes only minutes to apply. Yes, it takes only a few minutes to spray on. But you have to wash, wax and mask off your car first. Then it needs a few days to cure. The spray goes on liquid and then dries as a plastic. This application is much thinner than a professional application and will only last for a year before you will need to reapply.