Do you want to reduce your energy bill? Do you want your air conditioning to evenly cool all the rooms in your home or business? Do you have one or two rooms that get too warm in summer? Tinting your windows could be the solution to your problem.

Windows are great for enjoying a beautiful view and brightening a room. But with the sunlight they also let in heat which will keep some rooms hotter than others. This is especially true if there are windows facing south or west where the sun is at its hottest. This unfortunately increases the workload for your air conditioning. It may even happen that in the winter you need air conditioning in a few rooms while a heater is running in the rest of the building.

Having your windows tinted will keep out some of the sunshine, and therefore the heat. This will significantly even out the temperature in your space which means your air-conditioning won’t be working overtime. And that means your energy costs will go down. Your actual percentage of savings will vary by location, climate, and local energy rates.

Tinting windows means applying a thin energy-saving film to the inside of the window. There is a clear metal sheet sandwiched between two polyester films. One side of the film has adhesive to stick to the window, while the other side is scratch resistant so you don’t have to worry about unsightly marks from cleaning. The combination of metal and a dark shade will reflect the sunlight away from your room and absorb some of the heat while reducing glare and rejecting UV rays. Heat wants to move to where it is cooler, and since the film absorbs heat, it blocks the heat outside from moving into your room.

Whether it’s a business or a home, your employees or family will be grateful to have a consistently cool space to work and relax in. You will appreciate being able to turn down the air-conditioning so you can save some money.