The car you drive tells something about who you are and possibly who you want to be. With how much you paid for it and how much time you spend in it, it would be a shame not to take good care of it. One day you may even want to trade it in for a new car, so you will want it to be in the best shape possible to get the most money out of it. And, like your home, you car is a place where you want to feel safe.

Tinted car windows improve all of these. The benefits of tinting your car windows are so many that by the end of this article you should be seriously considering tinting your own if they are not already.

Have you ever noticed that when you walk by a car with tinted windows and glance in, you can’t see what’s inside without getting closer, or even putting your face to the glass? Thieves won’t be as likely to break into your car if they can’t easily see valuables lying out.

The tinted film also blocks up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays — depending on the shade. That’s going to keep you from getting an uneven and painful burn through your windows, especially on those long road trips.

And should you ever have the misfortune to be in a car crash, the pliability of the film which sticks to the window will keep glass from shattering everywhere, decreasing possible injuries.

Car Care
Who likes to sit on cracked leather seats or see their fabric upholstery start to fade? Tinting your windows will keep your seats looking new. However, you are not allowed to tint your windshield, leaving the front seats and steering wheel susceptible to the sunlight, so you will want to also use a heat shield for complete protection when you leave your car parked.

As the darkly shaded windows keep out the sun’s heat, you won’t have to run the air-conditioning on full blast. Running the a/c on high while driving can reduce your mileage per gallon anywhere between 5% to 25%. That really adds up! Better efficiency of the a/c will actually give you better gas mileage – saving you money.

Personal Comfort
You return to your car after parking it in the sun while you went shopping or went out to eat and feel waves of heat as you open the door. You know the seats will be hot and the seatbelt buckles even hotter. Not to mention your hands will burn on that steering wheel. Again, tinted windows will keep the temperature down while you’re away so you won’t get burned when you come back.

And finally, for those of you who like the swag your car gives you, tinted windows upgrade the look of your ride.