Most of us love the look of custom stained glass or etched glass windows. They bring in bright vibrant colors and can be a focal point of the interior or exterior decorating. Frosted or privacy glass is a necessity for windows on bathrooms and private offices. Many businesses could greatly benefit from skipping the traditional clear glass and adding the look of decorative or privacy glass. However, with the cost and permanency of decorative glass, most businesses are unable to enjoy these benefits. The costs involved, and often the landlords’ resistance, make replacing glass panes more hassle than they’re worth.

Modern window films can overcome this challenge for businesses. With literally hundreds of designs, styles, colors, and shapes, the perfect film for your specific need is easily obtained. These films can be installed over any glass, plexiglass, and even other surfaces.

Decorative window films can be applied to both interior and exterior windows and doors. They can be used to bring in more color, as with stained glass films, or they can add a frosted or a privacy look to the glass. There are even films that turn the glass into an etched glass design of leaves, trees, animals, or almost any design. These are often used on interior office windows in place of blinds or on glass office partitions. With decorative window films, you can have the benefits of light entering through the windows and avoid the need for blinds and other window coverings. Eliminating blinds and curtains also eliminates the need to frequently dust and clean your window treatments.

Decorative window films can be applied for one season or purpose, and then changed throughout the year as the need changes. For example, a permanent stained glass window with a Christmas feel would just look tacky to employees, clients, and passersby in the middle of August. The same goes for having a tropical feel on your storefront when it’s a blizzard outside (unless you’re a travel agency). With window films, you can change the film as you need to help promote business, or to boost the enthusiasm of employees. This flexibility also goes great with interior office windows or partitions. Some employees may need more privacy than others, and as employees are promoted, or replaced for that matter, you can custom create the perfect office conditions to fit the employee or their job duties.

A simple search on the internet may open your eyes to the vast styles and options that are available. Some may even call window films “wallpaper for your windows” because of the variety available. Look around and stop in or give us a call to discuss your specific needs.