Window tinting isn’t just for cars anymore. In fact, more and more homeowners are beginning to realize the many benefits of residential window tinting. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, residential window tinting can actually provide a number of practical benefits for your home.

Reasons for Window Tinting and Its Benefits

If you live in Utah, you know that the sun can be brutal during the summer months. The intense heat and glare coming through your windows can make your home uncomfortable and even dangerous. Tinted windows can help to keep your home cooler by blocking out some of the sun’s rays. This can help you save on energy costs as well since you won’t have to rely on your air conditioner as much to keep your home comfortable.

Tinted windows can also help to protect your furniture and flooring from fading. The sun can cause serious damage to your upholstery and carpeting over time, but tinted windows can help to block out the harmful UV rays that are responsible for this damage.

In addition to the practical benefits, residential window tinting can also give your home a more stylish look. Tinted windows can provide privacy while still letting in natural light, and they can give your home a sleek, modern look.

Can Window Tinting Be Done in Winter?

Window tinting is a great way to improve the look and feel of your home, but can it be done in winter? The short answer is yes!

While it’s true that most window tinting companies are busiest during the summer months, there are plenty of reputable companies that offer residential window tinting services year-round. So if you’re looking for a way to beat the heat this summer, or you want to protect your furniture and flooring from fading, residential window tinting is a great option for you.

Preparing for Window Tinting in Cold Months

If you do decide to have your windows tinted in winter, there are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare.

First, make sure that the temperature in your home is comfortable. The window tinting process works best when windows are at room temperature or warmer.

Second, make sure the windows are clean. Any debris on the windows can get caught under the film, leaving behind bubbles.

Tinting Window Exteriors vs Interiors

If you’re considering residential window tinting, you may be wondering whether you should have the exterior or interior of your windows tinted.

Generally speaking, it’s best to have the interior of your windows tinted. This is because the tint will be less likely to peel or bubble if it’s on the inside of the glass, where temperatures are better regulated via your home’s heating and cooling systems.

However, there are some exceptions. If you live in an area with a lot of wind and debris, for example, you may want to have the exterior of your windows tinted to protect the window glass from damage.

Did you know Simply Cool also does decorative window tints for windows inside your home? For example, if you have interior doors with glass panes, we can add a tint that provides privacy, or just enhances the look of the door with a pattern or color.

How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?

The cost of residential window tinting depends on a number of factors, including the size and number of windows being tinted, and the type of tint being used.

Typically, you can expect to pay between $5 and $10 per square foot of glass. So for a standard-sized window (approximately 30 square feet), you can expect to pay between $150 and $300 for residential window tinting.

Window Tinting from Simply Cool

If you’re looking for residential window tinting in Utah, look no further than Simply Cool. We are a locally owned and operated window tinting company that has been serving the Utah community for over 10 years.

We offer a wide variety of residential window tinting services, including solar control film, safety and security film, decorative film, and more. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all of our work, so you can be sure that your investment is protected.

For a free estimate, or to learn more about our residential window tinting services, contact us today!