There are many benefits of commercial, residential, and auto window tint.  From decorative to uniform, the window film specialists of Simply Cool promise to deliver an affordable product that is sure to preserve the interior of your dwelling or structure, as well as promote and stabilize comfortable temperatures, all the while lowering your utility bill.  The best part about the tinting is that it can be customized to fit your needs and wants.  If you desire a more decorative window tint, that can be accommodated.  If you need it more standard and plain that still offers strength and resilience, we have you covered. But what exactly are the benefits of tint?

Preserving the Interior

The sun is harsh.  We know this.  The earth is more than 93 million miles from the sun, and yet, it still has the power to burn our skin. It also has the ability to give us warmth and light.  That being said, do you think it can impact the interior of your vehicle, your house, or your workplace?  For instance, if you have windows in your closet, where your clothes hang, do you think the sun can fade the colors of said clothes?  What about the furniture in your family room or the fabric in your vehicle?  The fabric in your vehicle is likely treated if you have a newer vehicle; however, with time, that treatment will wear off, and eventually, the sun’s light will impact it.  Both residential, as well as commercial and auto window tinting, can be the answer to preserving the interior of the structure the tint protects.

Temperature Control

Again, the sun plays a big part here.  If you have a black interior, cloth, or even any type of leather in your vehicle, those materials are going to absorb heat and make it very uncomfortable for you and your passengers. Who likes to be burned when sitting down in their car?  Auto tint can help to reflect the heat from the car.  Depending on the type you get, this can help keep the temperature much more bearable for your passengers.

As far as the temperature goes for your house or your commercial building, think about those conference rooms with tall ceiling to floor windows.  The sun will come in and bake the people sitting in that room, and we all know what heat does to focus.  Also, tinting can greatly reduce glare. There are commercial window tinting options for commercial properties that can exponentially improve the temperature in a building, as well as residential tinting.


When the sun is blasting through our windows, it heats up whatever it shines on.  And if your vehicle, house, or commercial property is not protected by something, the heat will come through and warm that structure up.  If you’re simultaneously running the a/c, that a/c unit is going to be constantly running to keep the temperature down.  Tinting is a great option here because it helps stabilize the temperature.  Not only is it a comfort thing, but it becomes a cost thing.  The tinting can keep the heat in during the winter or keep the place shaded from the sun, which in turn, will keep those utility bills to a minimum.

If you’re not sure what type of tint to get, consider reaching out to Simply Cool.  We have the knowledge and experience to give you the best options for your home, vehicle, or place of work.  We service all sorts of people in the area and stand by their product and offer affordable solutions that look professional and cosmetically pleasing, while also serving a dual purpose in preserving the interior structure, keeping a comfortable temperature, and keeping your costs down as a result.  Contact us today for a consultation.