You already know the benefits of getting the windows and your car tinted. You know that it prevents excess harmful UVs, helps save energy(which in turn saves your wallet), keeps your furniture from fading, and minimizes damage in the case of a window being damaged or broken. We’ve talked about these benefits, and even if these were the only benefits, getting your windows tinted would be a worthwhile investment. Luckily for you, the benefits don’t stop there. There are dozens of ways you can use window tinting to improve the quality of your home and home life.


Indoor pools and solariums


There are a few distinct things that come to mind when you think of an indoor pool. The smell of chlorine. The feeling of concrete against your bare, wet feet. And heat. The heat seeps through your shoes, burning your feet. Your skin gets warm under the light of the sun, and somehow, even though you’re indoors, you leave with a sunburn. And the enclosed space gets filled with the heat coming through windows, mixed with the heat of all of the bodies in the room, making the room humid and uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to be like this, though. By applying window tinting to the windows on your indoor pool, you’ll avoid all of these problems. Another type of structure that greatly benefits from window tinting, is solariums. These types of buildings have so many windows, that by using window tinting treatments, you eliminate excessive glare, heat gain, and sun damage.




Everyone wants a little bit more privacy and security in their home. Whether you want your windows tinted to random passersby can’t look into your home, or if you are looking to secure just certain windows, getting your windows treated will help your home be more secure. Many people who have glass doors, or glass cutouts in their front doors, choose to place a window tinted treatment over the glass portion of their doors. This provides security in a place where you wouldn’t be able to cover the glass normally with blinds, drapes, or any other sort of interior window treatment or textile.


Separate rooms with window film


If you have a large room, you could put a glass wall divider somewhere in the middle of the room, to give you the option of having two separate rooms. This gives you the functionality of two rooms, without the hassle of actually constructing an entire wall between the separate parts. To really get the benefits of this setup, applying a tint to the glass wall partition will help separate the room, while still leaving it open and inviting.