‍‍Not only does window tinting offer shade and security it is also stylish and can improve the appearance of a car. Those with sensitive eyes may opt for tinted windows to shield their eyes from harsh UV. There are many different ways to tint your windows. Windows are tinted by a percentage. The percentage of the tint on your windows is equal to the percentage of light that is entering through the window. If you choose to tint your windows you will want to make sure you abide by laws in your area. Some states don’t allow tints that are too dark and can only be tinted to a certain percentage. 

Solar Protection

A good tint on your car will help keep harmful UV rays out of your car and will help reduce the heat that builds up in your car. It’s important to be comfortable in your vehicle and a well-installed tint will help keep temperatures cooler keeping you and your family comfortable even in the warmest of temperatures. 

Glass Protection 

A film on your windows can also help in car accidents if the windows happen to shatter, the film will help keep the glass from shattering onto passengers making it safer for you and your family. By offering protection from shattered glass it can also help keep thieves out by making it harder to shatter and break windows from someone trying to break in. 

Security and Privacy

A good window tint will help offer peace of mind as it blocks strangers and unwanted people from having unlimited access to your vehicle. Tinted windows offer privacy for you and anyone traveling in your car. Tinted windows allow you to keep valuables less visible. Depending on the time of the film and covering you get for your windows it will thicken the windows and can make it harder to shatter. This is beneficial if anyone tries to break into your vehicle. 


Window tinting has many benefits from keeping yourself protected from harmful UV rays, shattered glass all while maintaining privacy. Window tinting can look great and add an upgraded look to your vehicle. If you decide to tint the windows on your car make sure that you get them done at a reputable place and ensure they are at legal levels. Some states don’t allow tint that is too dark so make sure you check your local laws.