When you make your decision to tint windows, either in your car or your home, you probably didn’t stop to think about cleaning and maintaining them. However, in order to enjoy the effects of a good window tint, it’s important to know a few things about how to keep it in tip-top shape.

Cleaning: Avoid Abrasives and Ammonia

Most window tints are fairly maintenance-free, but all the same you’ll inevitably need to clean them every once in awhile. That’s especially true if you have children with sticky hands, or dogs who love to rub their nose all over the window.

Be careful of what materials you use when cleaning a window with a tinted film. Hard abrasives can damage the tinting film, tear, or scratch the surface, which will reduce visibility. Never use steel wool, or the scrubbing part of a sponge, to clean your tinted window. Even abrasive paper towels can be problematic. Opt instead for microfiber cloths, which won’t scratch. If you use a squeegee on the window, check it first to make sure there are no protrusions that will tear or scratch the film, or class.

Note that some fairly standard cleaning materials will have abrasives in them. For example, baking soda is an abrasive, and no cleaning material with baking soda should be used on a window. When in doubt, just stick to soapy water.

We also recommend steering clear of ammonia-based window cleaners (like Windex) when you’re cleaning your solar-blocking window tint, since these particular tints can be very sensitive. However, the specific directions will depend on the tinting film used, and you should always follow manufacturer’s recommendations over any others.

Scratches and Tears

If you have a severe scratch on your window tint–perhaps caused by an overzealous dog–then you do have the option of having it repaired or re-tinted. Often, this is inexpensive and doesn’t take very long, but it still has to be done professionally in order to ensure long-lasting results. Give us a call to get an idea of what it will entail.

Quality Matters

Maintenance and repairs will depend on the particular window tint used, and how it’s installed. High quality will, of course, be easier to maintain, and look good longer. Good installation ensures that you don’t have edges peeling away, or bubbles and creases in the tinting film that will make cleaning harder, and tears or scratches easier. We have scratch-resistant tints available, and our experienced installation will ensure that your window tint will look great for years to come. If you have any questions, give us a call.