If you run a small business, every expenditure and profit is significant. In the case of a storefront or a small restaurant, adding treatment to your windows might seem like an unimportant expenditure right now, but we beg to differ. Here are 7 reasons that you should invest in tints for your windows:

#1: Controls Temperature Extremes

Do you have one area that’s too hot in the summer because it’s bathed in glaring afternoon sunlight? It’s probably also too cold in the winter with a chill coming in away from the window. Tinting helps to insulate your windows so you can make the most of your seating. No longer will you have an area that’s uncomfortable for your customers; every square foot is usable.

#2: Prevents Damage

Have you ever moved a picture that’s been on the wall for years? You might have noticed that the area under the picture is a stronger color. This is because the sun has bleached the paint. The same problem happens with fabrics. The process of color bleaching from the sun is referred to as photodegradation, and it happens because UV rays break down the chemical bonds in a material. That degradation affects more than colors, too, causing fabrics, plastics, varnish, etc. to wear down faster.

#3: Prevents Glare

Have you ever had a customer approach the counter and find themselves unable to get a good view of the menu? If the glare is bad, the person manning the counter may not even be able to look the customer in the eye. This can be more of a problem than you think, even if it’s only for 30 minutes a day. Tinting can ensure that nothing obstructs anyone’s view of the food, goods, or employees or customers.

#4: Controls Lighting Design

You spend a long time planning out the decor of your restaurant; how the colors look next to each other, how things are arranged, etc.. It’s not just a matter of personal aesthetics. It’s also part of your strategy to boost sales and draw customers’ attention to the important things. But glare from the windows can throw all of that off. Make sure that you keep your store’s design consistent by keeping the lighting consistent.

#5: Offers Better Security

You probably wouldn’t have thought of this one right away, but window tinting can greatly increase your security. Putting a film on your windows make them more able to hold together under the pressure of cracks or shatters. That means that if there’s a security breach to your storefront, it won’t all shatter and fall apart. This makes it harder for break-ins to happen, increases safety during cleanup, and prevents accidents from ruining your day.

#6: Unique Decoration

In the end, many people make the decision for window tinting out of aesthetic preferences. If your business is a front-facing storefront or restaurant, you want to personalize all the little details. Imagine a charming frosting-detail on the corners of your windows if you run a cafe, or perhaps stained-glass-window accents on one wall if you want to add some distinctive interest in a small corner.

#7: Conserves Energy

If even one of the above reasons is appealing to you, just bite the bullet and do it. The energy savings alone will give you a return on your investment within a year. Window tinting can make your heating and cooling more effective by insulating, and when you’re creating an area with a rotating door that needs to stay comfortable, you know that heating and cooling can really rack up the bills.