It can be hard to figure out when it’s appropriate to do a big project yourself, and when you really need to hire a professional. It can be tempting to attempt to save money and do your window tinting yourself, but if you’ve never done it before, it’s probably a good idea to take a step back and let our experts do the job for you. Especially if it’s a big project. Here are 5 reasons why.

Local tinting regulations

Chances are that you’ve never had a need to look up the tinting regulations where you live. We’d hate for you to do you tint yourself, and then get in trouble down the line because it doesn’t comply with your local laws.

DIY kits aren’t high quality

For the most part, a do it yourself tinting kit that you purchase will be flimsy. This can make installation difficult, and it probably won’t last long, as the tint will peel and bubble up. Chances are if you do it yourself, you won’t be happy with it for very long.

You probably won’t save money

Doing it yourself is generally in an attempt to spend money. But because the kits you can generally buy to do it yourself don’t last as long as a professional tint, you’ll be spending more money, stretched out over a long period of time, with a not very good tint throughout that entire time.

It’ll be done right the first time

Even if you do manage to get yourself a good quality do it yourself kit, it’s possible that you’ll have a hard time installing it correctly the first time. Taking the tint off to reapply it can be tricky, because of the adhesive. If you don’t get it right the first time, you may end up having to buy a second kit, because taking the tint off yourself when you’re not sure what you’re doing may make it unusable.

Satisfaction guarantee

We know that when we apply a tint to your windows, whether it be on your car or home, that it will be done, and it will outlast anything you could do yourself. We’re so confident in our work, that we’ll fix anything for you, if for some reason you aren’t satisfied. You don’t have this same guarantee when doing it yourself, because if you mess up, you have to spend money on another kit to redo it.