A lot of people understand the benefits of getting window treatments, or tinting, installed on their cars, but they don’t even think about what the benefits could be of installing window treatments on the windows of their homes. A lot of the benefits are similar, but there are some that you wouldn’t initially think of.

Solar Control Benefits if you have a lot of windows

Having lots of windows in your home can be beautiful; you have a constant source of light and warmth, and they can offer some stunning views. However, this constant source of light can mean that your home isn’t really energy efficient, you’ll trap in heat during the summer, and it can fade the colors of your furniture.

Home Cooling

Especially if you have a lot of windows, the rooms that have windows are going to be the hottest rooms in your house during the summers. With the sunlight streaming in and providing a source of heat, but not having any way to release it, you’ll be spending a small fortune on air conditioning costs to try to keep your home cool. However, if you get window tinting installed on your windows, you’ll cut your electric cooling bill by about 50%, if not more! That alone should be a good reason to look into getting window treatments.

Reduces glare

If you have blinds or drapes in front of your windows, you’ll know that if you open them up to let in the sun, you’re letting in a significant amount of light. And that light means glare. Putting a tint on your windows means that you can gaze out your windows without being blinded by the sun. No more having to cover your window in order to watch tv, work on your computer, or even simple things like trying to eat your breakfast with a view.

Save on furniture costs

Although this isn’t something you even think about when you’re purchasing furniture, but one natural type of “wear and tear” that can affect your furniture is sunlight. Especially if your new upholstered sectional sofa is in your sunny living room, you’re going to see the color of your furniture fade fairly quickly. Unfortunately, there are very few ways to avoid this, unless you want to move this furniture to a room with much less sun. By installing window tints, you’ll prolong the life of your furniture, and keep it looking new and vibrant longer.