At Simply Cool, we offer a wide range of vehicle window tints, which will allow you to find the exact solar control you’re looking for when it comes to your car.


Protect yourself


There’s such a thing as too much of a good thing, and it’s never been truer than when we’re talking about exposure to the sun. Whether you’re sensitive to the sun, or simply trying to avoid an uneven sunburn when you’re driving in your car for extended periods of time, installing a tint on all the windows of your car is an excellent idea. It’s especially important if you tend to drive a lot. You tend to only think about your exposure to the sun when you’re spending time outdoors, but you’re still susceptible to the sun’s rays from inside your car. You wouldn’t spend an entire day in the hot sun without sunscreen and sunglasses, so why would you want to spend an entire day in the hot sun in your car without any sort of protection from the sun?


Protect your car


In the case of a car accident, having window tinting actually helps control the spread of broken glass. This is good news for you, your car, and anyone else who may be involved. The less that the glass from your windows spreads means that there will be less cleanup, and also less potential damage to other areas of your car and body from the flying glass.


Protect your valuables


Although it’s not recommended to leave valuable things in your car, such as electronics or your purse, sometimes you’re left with no choice and those things are sitting in the back seat of your car. If potential car thieves are walking past your car and you have your windows tint, they won’t be inclined to break in because they won’t be able to see anything of value inside your car.