Residential window tinting not only beautifies your home but also adds safety and security to your home. Here’s how.

More privacy

You have a wide variety of colors and finishes to choose from when it comes to the tinting for your home’s windows. If you and your family value privacy, you’ll especially want to consider our specialized security films. These window films allow you and your family to enjoy an outdoor view, all without allowing others to see into your home. This gives you and your family more privacy and the freedom to spend time wherever you like in your home, without always having to draw the curtains or close the blinds. Specialized security films are especially great for homes with many large windows and for families with small children to protect.

Fewer glass injuries

In a home where children are likely to horseplay indoors or to play ball in close proximity outdoors, it’s only natural to worry about the occasional broken window. Broken windows can pose a serious threat to children, as there is always the chance of a glass shard coming into contact with your child or of broken glass pieces becoming embedded in the carpet near the broken window. Tinted window films help prevent those injuries caused by broken glass, as they help keep the glass in place when a window shatters.

Reduced chance of intrusion

One of the most common ways that thieves enter a home is through a broken window. When you have a specialized security film applied to your window, however, glass shards are more likely to remain in place when a window is broken. This makes it more difficult for intruders to enter your home, ultimately keeping you and your family safer at night.

We at Simply Cool have more than two decades of experience in window film application. You can trust us with any security film, solar control, or decorative film job. Contact us today to find out how you can make your home safe, improve efficiency, give your home a new look, and more with tinted window film.