Window Tinting in Salt Lake City, UT

  Before and after window tinting in Salt Lake City, UT

– Privacy (less vision inside from the outside)

– Energy savings (rejects heat and restricts heat loss)

– Decrease glare 

– Block 99% of UV-A & UV-B rays (protects against skin cancer) 

– Enhanced Appearance 

– Safety (keeps shattered glass intact)


It’s your home. Enjoy the view.

Tinting and shading isn’t just for your vehicle – it’s also great for your home. Window tinting can be used aesthetically, to change the look of your property, but it does so much more! Window films can provide significant energy savings, increase comfort and safety, reduce glare and prevent fading, without obstructing your view. Contact Us today! we are located in Salt Lake City, Utah and can travel to the areas around the area such as; Provo, Sandy, West valley, Ogden, Park City, Tooele and more, call us to set up an appointment.


Solar Control

Window film not only reduces glare, but improves the energy efficiency of your home. In addition, window film can protect the interior finishes and furnishings of your home from fading and other damaging effects of sun exposure.


Our inventory of decorative window films provides a variety of options to complement the interior of your home. Using varying colors, textures, tints, shades and reflections can inexpensively change the look and mood of your interior.

Safety & Security

Our specialized security films provide enhanced home security and safety for you and your family. Our security film options can allow you and your family to enjoy the view, without allowing others to see inside. Films are also available to prevent injury or entry in the event of broken glass.

With more than two decades of experience in window film application, Simply Cool is a name you can trust with any solar control or decorative film job. Call us to find out how you can improve efficiency, comfort and security, or give your home a new look with decorative film.