Simply Cool Paint Protection

The exterior has a large bearing on your car’s overall aesthetic. It doesn’t matter how well the engine runs, when the outside looks bad, the vehicle takes a hit. Unfortunately, a quick drive down the highway can lead to noticeable rock chips and scratches.

At simply cool, we professionally install paint protection film engineered to combat rock chips and scratches. Our film will not only stand the test of time, but will keep your exterior looking sleek and shiny no matter the climate.

Prevent Environmental Wear 

Car dings and road debris are not the only enemies to a good paint job. The following can also damage your exterior over time:

  • Sun. The sun’s rays weaken and fade areas on your vehicle that are exposed for prolonged periods of time.
  • Winter weather. Snow can quickly crystalize and damage your car if not removed carefully. In addition, road salt (ice melt) can cause significant damage to paint over time.
  • Rain and hail. It seems obvious that hail can damage your vehicle, but what about rain? Rain can carry debris, leading to micro-scratches and ultimately chipping if exposed frequently.
  • Heat. High temperatures can weaken clear coats and protective finishes on the exterior of your vehicle.

Any car with a fair degree of environmental exposure should have a protective film. Our film has four layers that work to provide ultimate protection. 

Increase stain resistance and limit surface accumulation of water and dirt.

Standard Paint Protection Film Packages

Different cars have different needs. We accommodate vehicles of all shapes and sizes, bringing knowledge and expertise to each installation. Here are some of the basic packages we offer.

Automotive PPF Pricing

Most Cars & Small Trucks

Most Med – Full Sized Trucks

(Full Hood, Full Fenders, Bumper)
$1099 – $1299 $1299 – $1499
Standard Large
(Hood & Fenders up to 18′, Bumper)
$599 – $799 $799 – $999
… Mirrors (set) $99   –
… Headlights (set) $99 – $149   –
… Door Edge Guards (car) $89   –
… Door Cups (car) $89   –
… Rear Bumper Threshold $89   –
 Miscellaneous PPF $89 / sq. ft.   –

We Guarantee Each Installation

Our Simply Cool Paint Protection film is self-healing, meaning it is nearly damage proof. For this reason, each installation is fully backed by a 5 year warranty. 10 year warranties are available upon request. For more information about our protective films or car window tinting, don’t hesitate to contact us today.