We have vast experience in residential, commercial, vehicle, and decorative window film and custom window tinting applications.

If applying custom window tint or films to cars or smaller windows, expect an installation time of between 2 and 4 hours. For commercial projects, timeliness will likely be extended. 

Allow up to 30 days for the window film installation to cure. You may notice water bubbles and cloudiness in the films. As it cures, this should clear up. Keep in mind that colder temperatures slow the process. Interior glass applications and security film applications may also take slightly longer to cure.

Our installation specialists are experts and apply each film as delicately as possible, avoiding painted surfaces that could be damaged in the process. Soap and water are used to install most window films. We do occasionally use adhesive promoters and adhesive removers with some applications but keep harsh, potentially damaging solutions away from surrounding surfaces.

All window film installations will have about a 1/16th inch gap between the windows framing and window film. Some films, like security window films, will have slightly larger gaps. In most cases, these gaps are entirely unnoticeable unless closely examined. However, if gaps are a concern, the solution is to caulk the edges after the window film cures which we are able to do.

Most of our window films are available in widths up to 72″. If the window is smaller than our film, no seams will be visible. In cases where the windows are larger than 72″, installers will have to use multiple films to cover the entire window. This will create a visible (though not glaringly noticeable) seam. In such circumstances, the installer will go over how you would like the seam to look.

There will always be some level of window contamination that could possibly affect the installation. Windows that are older, painted, or stained may have higher levels of contamination than more standard windows. If you are able to stand back and look through the window without much effort before installation, tinting will likely be successful. 

While we can guarantee the quality of our films, the overall result of window tinting heavily depends on the condition of the windows on which we install. Age, condition, and type of window material as well as the condition of the edges, seals, and caulking can all affect installation quality.

Existing scratches on glass may become more noticeable after window film is applied. Tempered glass is usually more prone to this. Despite any scratches or chips, we do our best to make sure the overall aesthetic of your windows is enhanced by our custom window tinting.

A simple soap and water mixture is effective in most instances. Glass cleaner is also effective as long as it does not contain ammonia— this will harm the film. Apply cleaner of choice with a soft cloth or squeegee avoiding abrasive materials and solutions.

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