Whether you’re driving a car, truck or super car or something else altogether, we can tint it. We use only the best window films SUNTEK has to offer. With 30 years of experience, vehicles are our passion.

Tinting windows in Salt Lake City, Utah is what we do.

 Before and after auto window tinting in Salt Lake City, UT

– Privacy (protect what’s most valuable to you!)

– Decrease glare 

– Block 99% of UV-A & UV-B rays (protecting you against skin cancer) 

– Enhance Appearance 

– Safety (keeps shattered glass intact)



Solar Control

Window film doesn’t just reduce glare and give you privacy. Window film can also protect the interior finishes of your vehicle from fading and other damaging effects of sun exposure.

Safety & Security

It’s hard to steal what you can’t see. Moreover, automotive window tinting has been know to stop the spread of broken glass in the event of an accident.

Window Tint Legal Compliance

Learn about traffic regulations regarding vehicle tints in order to prevent problems during your yearly safety inspection.