The modern commercial office building or retail space is a wonder of design. With glass walls and stunning views, it’s not hard to see why so many people love working within them and why business owners choose these types of architectural designs to showcase their wares.

But there’s a problem: with the beauty of glass comes several hardships, like keeping a building cooled down in the summer, heated in the winter, and keeping the sun from causing irreversible damage to products, furniture, and even people.

What if there was a way to save money on heating and cooling your building while giving your patrons or employees some protection from all that harmful UV light coming through those windows? What if there was also a way to improve your buildings’ architectural features by making them more aesthetically pleasing? Well, there is a simple and effective way to do just that.

Cutting Energy Costs with Window Film

When business owners and retail managers are thinking about how to help lower their overhead costs, increasing their energy efficiency isn’t always at the top of their list. However, window tinting and film are excellent ways to cut those energy costs and lower your carbon footprint.

A film can reduce heat loss in the winter months and cooling costs in the summer months, which ultimately saves you a significant amount of spend on electricity. In addition, large windows without tinting can allow unobstructed sunlight to flood in, quickly raising the internal temperature of indoor spaces. If you’ve noticed the need to blast the air conditioning in the summer, untreated windows might be the biggest issue. That’s why window tinting can bring a big return on the initial installation investment, saving you hundreds of dollars a year by lowering your energy bills.

Increasing Privacy for Customers, Employees, and Products

Specific window tinting prevents outsiders from looking in. They help make your business as private as possible without forgoing much natural sunlight. Darker or more reflective film can be used on companies’ windows that desire more privacy.

  • Window tinting can increase privacy and keep your assets safer.

In some cases, this can increase sales and foot traffic from customers who feel comfortable shopping in your store or eating at your restaurant because they know passersby won’t see them. It also keeps employees safe from being watched by any potential criminals who might be lurking around outside waiting for an opportunity to strike (we’re looking at you, shady guys!). Ultimately, your customers deserve privacy—and so do you!

Can Window Tint Enhance the Appearance of Your Store Front?

Simply Cool carries a wide variety of colors and styles for interior and exterior windows. This means that property managers or building owners can quickly present a uniform look from the outside or a personalized look on the inside.

  • Window tints come in a variety of styles. What look suits your store?

Whether you’re going for a modern, hyperreflective image, or a neutral look, window films of all types work to enhance the look of any storefront aesthetically. In addition, uniformity offers a highly professional and tailored appeal. And by using custom images on window film, you can establish your brand before a client or customer even walks through the front door.

Looks that Last

Choosing the right company to install your window tinting is no small matter; it can mean the difference between window treatments that last for years and those that quickly begin to peel and bubble. If you’re looking to keep costs down over the long term, work with a company that’s committed to quality products and technicians with decades of experience.

Working with Simply Cool

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